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Absentee Bidding
In order to leave an absentee bid you can either fill out the online form below
By completing the online form you MUST agree to your absentee terms & conditions. Click here to read the terms & conditions now.
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20% Deposit Required. Credit Card necessary to secure bids. PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE TO PROVIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.
I AGREE to abide by all the conditions of the sale and the absentee bid process described in the Absentee Bid Terms. My signature also confirms that I have read the Absentee Bid Terms & Buyer’s Terms & Conditions. Click here to read the terms & conditions now.
* I agree to pay my invoice within 18 days of the auction date. If I do not pay my invoice within the 18 days allowed, I authorize Poulin’s Antiques & Auctions to charge my credit card for the total of my purchase price.
*I desire to bid on the following items in the sale. The bids are to be executed by Poulin’s Antiques & Auctions up to, but not exceeding the amount(s) specified on the below bids.
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(If bidding on firearms please include manufacturer – model & type)

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